Viewing the Render Queue

The Render queue displays all the scenes from the selected environment that the system is rendering. After the system renders a scene, the State of the rendered scene changes to Complete or Completed with Errors and the scene remains in the queue. If you want to remove the rendered scenes, you must select them and use the Delete button.

To view the scenes being rendered:

1. Select an environment name from the list, then select Environment > Render Queue.

The Render Queue window appears.

2. Select how to sort the entries in the queue from the Sort By drop-down list. You have the following choices:
State: Sorts the entries based on the item's status (Pending, Pending-E, Processing, Completed with Errors, or Completed).
Entry time: Sorts the entries based on the time you sent them for rendering.
Job, Scene, Element, Drawing
3. Select the components you want to display in the queue from the Show drop-down list. You can choose the following:
Jobs: select the specific Job you want to see being rendered. If you want to see all the jobs, select All Jobs.
Scenes: select the specific scene you want to see being rendered. If you want to see all the scenes, select All Scenes.
4. Select the states you want to display in the queue from the Show States check boxes. You have the following choices:
Pending: Displays the items waiting to be rendered.
Error: Displays the items where the system found an error and has stopped rendering the item (displays Pending-E as the item's state).
Processing: Displays the items that the system is currently processing.
Completed: Displays the items that were completely rendered.
Show All States: Displays all the items, regardless of their state (Pending, Pending-E, Processing, Completed, Completed with Errors).
5. Select how often you want the queue to check for the latest entries. You can press one of these buttons:
Hold: Display any new entries to the queue from the time the Hold button is active.
Monitor: Updates new entries at the interval you enter Every ## secs field (minimum of 2 seconds).
6. Select the Show Error Messages check boxif you want to see any related errors for each entry in the queue.


If the Control Center module detects any errors while it processes the scenes, it displays Pending-E in the State column. Errors can occur if there are files missing, computers are unavailable, or data cannot be found.

Many of these errors could occur if the system is improperly configured. If you get a Pending-E error, see your System Administrator as the system may need to be reconfigured.