Machine-list File

The machine-list file identifies all of the machines on your network that can be allowed to batch process Harmony files. The machines in this list represent the render farm. You must have sufficient batch processing licenses to run batch processing on all of the machines in the machine-list file.

To create the machine-list file:

1. In a text editor, create a new text file.
2. In the new text file, enter all of the machine names in your render farm in this file.

The order that you list machine names in this list determines their order in the batch processing scheduling commands.

There must be no blank lines in the machine-list file.

For example, your machine-list might look like this:









Your machine name is created when you install Mac OS X. You can list the machine name of a computer by typing the following command in a terminal or command prompt:


3. Save the file with the name machine-list in the /USA_DB/schedules/ directory.

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