Exporting the Data in Linux

In Linux, exporting your scenes using the Export command makes Harmony copy scene information and link information to the temporary export directory you selected.

Therefore, you must retrieve the animation data from your server and copy it, along with the database information, to your storage device.

You can compress the export package to make it transportable. However, it will resolve hard links and symbolic links, which might be contrary to your export options.

Copying the exported data to a storage device is a two-fold process. Copy the exported animation files to a file on the storage device. Then remove the temporary export data from your system.

To export your files to a storage device:

1. Open a Linux shell and log in to the machine that connects to the storage device.
2. Copy the exported files using links from the source directory to the selected destination file. To export to a file on a storage device, type the following command in a shell:

tb_backup_export_data -from [source_directory] -to [destination_file] –writetarfile

Where [source_directory] is the folder where the scene was exported to.
Where [destination_file] is the file that will be created by the tb_ backup_export_data script.
3. After a successful copy of the exported data, remove the temporary export directory using the following command:

tb_remove_export_data [export_directory]

Where [export_directory] is the folder where the scene was temporarily exported to before it was copied to the file or storage device.

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