Deleting a Scene

When you delete a scene, you not only remove the scene from the Control Center window, but you also permanently remove all the information associated with the scene including:

Exposure sheet (and all associated versions)
Database information
Any palettes stored in that scene's palette library

Before you delete a scene:

Make sure that you really want to remove all this information from the system
Are you going to use the scene in the future?
Do you need to archive the scene for future use?
Make sure no one else is currently using the scene.

failure to do this may result in file corruption and loss of your work.

Wait until everyone is offline
This ensures no one can open the scene while you delete it.

To delete a scene:

1. Select the scene name you want to delete in the Scenes list.
2. Select Scene > Delete. You can also right-click anywhere in the Scenes list and select Delete.

The Confirm dialog box appears.

Click Yes to delete the scene and all its related information.
Click No to cancel the delete command.

The system deletes the scene name and all its associated files.

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