Creating a Scene

When creating your scene, you must select the path where you want to store the scene data and where you want the new scene to appear in the Scenes list. You can create a single scene or create multiple scenes all at once.

To create a scene:

1. In the Environments section, select the environment containing the job you want to add scenes in.
2. In the Jobs section, select the job you want to add scenes in.
3. In the Scenes section, select Scene > Create or you can also right-click in the Scenes section and select Create.

The Create Scene dialog box appears.

4. Click in the Scene Name(s) field and enter the name for the first scene you want to create.
5. Press the [Enter/Return] keyboard shortcut to move onto the next scene.
6. Enter the name of the next scene you want to create.
When creating a new scene or when renaming a scene, the scene's name cannot exceed 23 characters.

When creating scenes in the Control Center module, you should enter the scene names exactly as they appear on the actual animation. This ensures that the information in your environment is consistent with the actual animation.

The job and scene names are alphanumeric and can include underscores (_), but no spaces, or other special characters. The Environment name is case sensitive.


You do not have to enter the word scene when entering scene names. The system automatically adds scene- in front of the name you enter.
For example, enter"3" in the Scene Name field, the scene name automatically displays as "scene-3" throughout the file system. The scene name will have scene- as a prefix, but that will only be visible when looking at the scene on the file system. The scene will appear without the scene- prefix in all the Harmony applications.
7. Repeat the previous steps until you named all the scenes you want to create.

8. In the File System list, click the path where you want to store the files.

If you do not see the desired path in the list, specify a different path in the Other File System field.

If you are unsure which disk drive to select, consult your technical director or system administrator.

The information in the File System list displays:

Available drives on which you can store new scenes
Space that is currently available (in megabytes)
The percentage of space the drives are currently using


Although you can add as many scenes as you wish, you can only select one path at a time. Therefore, the Control Center module stores all scenes you create in one session at the same place (same path).
9. Select where you want to place the scene in the Scenes list from the Add Scenes drop-down list. You have the following options:
At Bottom: Places the new scenes at the bottom of the list
At Top: Places the new scenes at the top of the list
Before Selected: Places the new scenes above the selected scene
After Selected: Places the new scenes below the selected scene
Name Sort: Arranges the new scenes alphabetically


To use the After Selected and Before Selected options, you must select another scene from the Scene list in the Control Center window.
10. Click OK in the Create Scene dialog box.

The system creates the new scene and displays it in the Scenes list. If you don't want to create the scene, click Cancel.

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