Setting the Resolution.conf File

When you create a new environment or job, you can create a project resolution list that will appear in Harmony Stage. If you work with a particular resolution, you can insert it in your list and have it set and available when doing the compositing in Harmony Stage.

You need to insert the Resolution.conf file in the Environment or Job folder. If you insert the file at the environment level, it is not necessary to add one at the job level.

The Resolution.conf file can be found in:

Windows: Program Files > Toon Boom Animation > Harmony 10.0 > resources > samples
Mac OS X: Applications > Toon Boom Harmony 10.0 > tba > resources > samples
Linux: /usr/local/ToonBoomAnimation/harmony_10.0/resources/samples

Insert the Resolution.conf file in the following directory:


Resolutions common to all jobs in the environment.


Resolutions common to all scenes in the job.


Resolutions common to all scenes and all environment.

All scenes found under the environment or job have access to the resolutions stored in that file.

You can simply type new resolutions, modify or delete existing ones from the list. This file can also be sent to other studios with whom you may be working.

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