Creating a Default User for Batch Processing

If you intend to use the batch processing feature in Harmony or if you are installing the application on the server machine, you must create:

An operating system user called usabatch
A Harmony User Name called usabatch through the Control Center module.

Harmony uses this user profile during the batch rendering.

It is important to verify that these users exist before starting a project and setting the batch processing.
Operating System Users
If you installed Harmony in Windows, the usabatch operating system user profile was automatically created by the installation wizard.
If you installed Harmony in Mac OS X, the usabatch operating system user profile must be created manually or using the configuration assistant.
If you installed Harmony in Linux, you must manually create the usabatch operating system user.

In all cases, a user account on your operating system called usabatch must exist. If you need to create this account, see your system administrator for more information on how to do this.

Harmony User Names
The usabatch Harmony user is created during the installation process on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There is no need to create it manually unless it was deleted. To create manually the usabatch Harmony user, refer to the section.

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