Sound Library
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Chapter 10: Sound Library

Here is the Sound Library available in Flip Boom Cartoon. Click on each part to learn more.

If you do not see the Sound Library options, click on the Toggle Sound Library button to make them appear.

Toggle Sound Library Button

Sound CollectionsSound Collection Contents

Sound Collection

Sound Collection

Use the yellow arrows to scroll back and forth to view all the available sound collections. You can click on them to reveal one new collection at a time, or hold down the mouse button to scroll faster.

Click on a collection to reveal its contents in the music player below. Sound collections can neither be added nor deleted.

Sound Collection Content

Sound Collection Content

Click on a sound clip image to select it. Use the Play button to preview the sound. Use either the yellow arrow or click and drag the sound clip to the sound row in the Drawing Sequence to add it to your animation. If you use the yellow arrow, the sound clip will automatically be placed at the start of your animation.

If you drag it into the Drawing Sequence, you can drop it at whatever start frame you choose. If you cannot hear all of the sound clip, add more frames to your animation. Sound clips can neither be added nor deleted from a Sound Collection.