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Chapter 2: Toolbar

Here are the twelve commands available in the Flip Boom Cartoon toolbar, plus the menu item that lets you to change Flip Boom Cartoon's background colour.

Click on them to see more.

New button Open Button Save Button Cut Button Copy Button Paste Button Undo Button Delete Button Draw Behind button Show/Hide Previous/Next Button Bring to Front Button Send to Back Button Skins Option


New Button

Use the New button to create a new Flip Boom Cartoon project. If there is a project already open and it has not been saved, Flip Boom Cartoon will ask if you want to save the open project before creating a new one.


Open Button

Use the Open button to open a saved Flip Boom Cartoon project. The Open dialog box allows you to browse through your computer and locate your Flip Boom Cartoon project.


Save button

Use the Save button to save your current project. If you are saving your project for the first time, the Save As dialog box will open asking you to name your file.


Cut Button

Use the Cut button to remove (cut) selected objects from your Flip Boom Cartoon project. Once they are cut, you can paste them on the same panel or into a different panel.

If you select a page in the Drawing Sequence and then use the Cut command all of the strokes contained in that panel are removed, but the page is not.


Copy Button

Use the Copy button to copy a selected object from your Flip Boom Cartoon project. Once the object is copied, you can paste it on the same panel or into a different panel.


Paste Button

Use the Paste button to paste any cut or copied object into your Drawing Space or your Panels.


Undo Button

Use the Undo button to remove the last change that was made to your Flip Boom Cartoon project.

Flip Boom Cartoon Undo Operation Example


Delete Button

The Delete button removes a selected object from your page.

If you select a page in the Drawing Sequence and then use the Delete command the whole page is going to be deleted.

Flip Boom Cartoon Delete Operation Example

Draw Behind

Draw Behind Button

Use the Draw Behind button to be able to draw new strokes under what you have already drawn in your Drawing Space.

By default, when you draw new brush strokes they always cover what has already been drawn in the Drawing Space.

Flip Boom Cartoon Draw Behind Example

Show/Hide Previous/Next Pages

Show/Hide Previous/Next Pages Button

The Show/Hide Previous/Next Pages allows you to see your previous and next pages. By default, the previous page is coloured in red and the next page is coloured in green.

Flip Boom Cartoon Show/Hide Previous/Next Pages Example

Bring to Front

Bring to Front Button

Use the Bring to Front button to move any selected stroke to the front of the drawing.

Flip Boom Cartoon Bring to Front Example

Send to Back

Send to Back Button

Use the Send to Back button to move any selected stroke to the back of the drawing.

Flip Boom Cartoon Send to Back Example


Skins Option

Did you know that you could change the colour of Flip Boom Cartoon's background? It's as easy as one, two, three.

1. Go to the top menu bar and click on the Edit menu.
2. Under the Edit menu, click on the menu item Skins.
3. Choose a colour.

The background of Flip Boom Cartoon changes instantly.